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Pros and Cons Of Apple Data Download

With the world finally wakening up to the horrors of all those privacy policies we’ve agreed to in the past, privacy has become a major conversation topic in the last 18 months. It’s about time. Too many people have seen ‘free’ services and signed...

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Musical Playlists Built on Your DNA

While it might all sound a little too “Humans of Late Capitalism” for some, it appears DNA-driven musical playlists could be a thing. The streaming era has brought a huge amount of pros, as well as a fair amount of cons depending on your viewpoint and...

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Crazy: China Has An Internet Court

Should we be surprised? Well, considering the fact that there are millions of active internet users in China, there are bound to be so many disputes. The high demand for internet access can put a strain on the Telecommunication companies who may not provide...

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What It’s Like To Work For Elon Musk

70-hour work weeks and tasked with doing the impossible, these are some of the things employees revealed about working at Tesla under their cult-like enigmatic leader Elon Musk.
Business Insider spoke with 42 Tesla employees about what it is like to work at...

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Bets Future Ever: IBM Unveils Coffee Drones

IBM seems to have wasted no time in patenting this idea. It is a coffee delivery drone that can detect when you are tired or in need of a drink. It has been designed to recognize signs such as blood pressure, facial expressions, and dilated pupils who are...