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Study: Brits Don’t “Get” Gadgets

For the last couple of decades, much of the first world has become extremely dependent on technology. It has helped to structure just about everything that takes place in the modern world, with people working using technology and living with it in their...

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Apple Introduces: the New Memoji

Talk about giving its users something new to play with, we are expecting new emojis. According to the reports, users of Apple products will soon have more emojis to make their communication even more fun. We are expecting not 10 but 70 new emojis.
This is to...

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Using Drones To Fight Malaria!

As one of the most terrifying and prominent illnesses found in Malawi, finding a solution to Malaria has been hard work. It’s a common challenge all across Africa, but it has become a major problem for Malawi in particular. Finding ways to combat the spread...