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Books in five minutes?

One French graphic design student recently entered inside one of Paris’s newest bookstores and was devastated by the condition and atmosphere in it. He said that it looked like an empty open space with a couple of stools. Even though he first thought that...

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Pictogram Movie Posters by Viktor Hertz

It is not the first time we feature Sweden based graphic designer Viktor Hertz’s work. Pictogram movie posters is an outgoing project which Viktor make a quite simple movie poster, including one or a few pictograms, displaying the theme of the film. It is...

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Effective Flyer Designs By PROP4G4ND4

While most graphic designers keep their focus on designing logos, business cards and banners, poster and flyer design is also something they should get used to in order to make themselves more versatile as well as experienced in all aspects of graphic design...