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Android P: What’s the Story?

Android 9.0 public beta now underway
With the Android 9.0 public beta now underway, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the public make of it. With the major release expected to be in August 2018, the public is testing it out under the Popsicle...


Watch: Hornets Nest Vs. Drone

“I discovered the huge Bald-faced Hornets’ nest on the Hughesnet Satellite Dish. I have been attacked by Bald-faced Hornets in the past and figured the safest way to eradicate them was from behind the screen door while piloting my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. My...

Music Tech

Digital Sales Down. Vinyl is Back, Baby!

About a half-decade ago, I remember having a chat with my Dad, to do with the Sony PlayStation 4. He was really impressed that, instead of having a fleet of discs lying around the place for my games, I would just download them all from the online store and...


Disney Takes It Up A Notch With Sound Quality

With The Avengers: Infinity War just released worldwide it’s interesting to see just how much hype there is around the movie. As one of the biggest cinematic releases in some time, and one of the largest in terms of costs to be produced and expected income...


How To Save Your Snapchat Content

Despite being one of the most popular social media platforms of the modern era, some people have issues with Snapchat. The fact that everything is so short-term is one of the major issues of this platform. Indeed, it’s part of the reason why so many put a...