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15 Hilarious Family Photo Remakes

These are hilarious, no doubt about it. These photos always make us want to recreate a family photo ourselves, so we start searching the dusty old photo albums and try to pick one out, only to discover that most of the people in the photo live 3 days away...

sports Trends

Put a Stop To Boring Office Meetings

If you are someone who has found themselves dealing with the ‘joy’ of a team meeting at work, you’ll likely realize just how hard it can be to understand and overcome. Sitting listening to some senior management goon go on and on and on about whatever...

Health Trends

Life Hacks to Avoid Like The Plague

While the growth of the internet has been a truly amazing thing for humanity, it has always come with some rather significant drawbacks that people simply do not think of. For example, the era of the ‘life hack’ has been upon us for a couple of years now...

Fun Tech Trends

Arcade Scams! You Have to See This

Arcade games are basically those coin-operated gaming machines mainly installed in public places like restaurants, bars and in amusement parks etc. If you are in your 20’s then you might have had the arcade gaming experience as a child. Buying coins for...

Entertainment Trends

The Keaton Jones Scandal

As we have noted recently, there has been a massive upsurge in videos to do with children being bullied. Childhood bullying – or any kind of bullying – is an awful experience.
For those not mature enough to understand why it happens, though, it can be...