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Finnish Singing Taxi Service Makes Waves

Do you ever get into a taxi, feeling glad for the ride home, only to find out you have no money left?
Well, this can be awkward. You can either pay up the driver with a credit card in some cases, you can get money from your home or you could go to a bank...


The Future Of Flight Experience

As one of the biggest names in aviation, Airbus is among the most popular transport groups in the European aviation circuit. Indeed, they’ve become even more popular thanks to their incredible decision to build mini-cabins for passengers who wish to get...


When Should I book a Domestic Flight?

Flight fares are known to fluctuate due to many reasons. Higher demand for tickets can influence the rate at which it is sold at that particular time. There are also situations when the airline needs to sell out its tickets for the fast approaching flight...

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Best Quotes for St. Patrick’s Day

As we all know, the Irish are people with a rather fantastic sense of humor. They know how to make others laugh, and their history of high-quality humor has long been a national attribute. Whether it’s gallows humor to lift negative spirits after a tough...


Kayaker Explores Hidden Ghost Ship

When we look around the news, it’s very easy to come across awesome stories that just make us think about the possibilities of the world around us. So many things go undiscovered for years to come, and when they are found it can feel like a whole new world...


Discovering the Sterling Hill Mine

When we hear of people finding unique and amazing items hidden away, it’s always easy to doubt the accuracy. How often do people turn up having found something that nobody else? It’s a super-rare feat and for that reason it is quite hard to believe in...