Celebrities Turning 50 In 2019

Happy birthday!! All the stars you will be reading about here are celebrating or will be celebrating their 50th birthdays in 2019!! Some are looking exactly as they did 30.. well, maybe not 30 years ago, but definitely 10 years ago.

They do not age! you can’t even say that they age like wine, as they do not age at all!! Jeniffer Aniston, Dave Grohl, and Paul Rudd… I hate them for looking so great! Not really :-).

Others, on the other hand, seem as if they should have been 50, like 10 years ago. They look tired. But hey! We’re here to charge them up for an amazing birthday!

You can be sure that once they accept their new half-century age, they’ll show us who they really are!

P Diddy, Renee Zellweger and Jason Bateman also look as if they stayed in their 30’s. Regardless of how they look, it’s all in how they feel and act.

And you know just as well as we do, they send out a young vibe. 50 is the new 25. So let’s take a look at all those in Hollywood celebrating turning half a century this year!

First young at heart (and skin) star coming up…