Celebrities Who Hilariously Trolled Their Fans

Trolling truly is an art form. Like any form of performance, a troll must stay in character throughout the charade until they reach their desired reaction from their intended audience. Celebrities who make livings entertaining audiences should theoretically be better at it than the rest of us.

Fortunately, some indeed do deliver on this promise in leaps and bounds as we’ll see. With the constant attention many film and television stars receive from the paparazzi, they have plenty of opportunities to practice their craft on the unsuspecting public.

Danny DeVito

A fan of Danny DeVito decided to take a cardboard cut-out of the veteran actor to her prom. We’re not getting into the details of why she thought this would be a good idea, only that she did it. The flower and the tie really bring it life, huh?

Danny DeVito #2

Danny DeVito, of course, wouldn’t let such dedication go unnoticed so he, in turn, printed out a cardboard cutout of the young lady and brought it to the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in which he stars. Specifically, he brought it to Paddy’s Pub where a large part of the show takes place.