Celebrity After-40 Mom’s

The topic of infertility is something that has been explored since the dawn of time. However, different misconceptions, myths and advice have come from the research done, thus leaving people to wonder whether this is something that can be fixed, avoided, or endured.

The Office of Women’s Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Recourses released a statistic that one in every ten couples aged 15-44, have trouble conceiving. Moreover, it is obvious that the older you are, the more difficult it is to conceive, research shows that about a third of all couples, which include women over 35, have problems with fertility.

This is a shocking reality which can cause many families to lose hope. However, we want our dear readers to stay positive thus we have compiled a list of celebrities who have managed to conceive during their 40’s.

Big names such as Eva Longoria, Christie Brinkley and Janet Jackson are just a few of some of our ladies who have managed to fall pregnant post the age of 40. Bare in mind, most of these women have different lifestyles to the majority of us and therefore it is important that we mention, these are the rare exceptions.

Meaning, most couples are not able to afford full-time help, or are able to go without working in order to care for their children, or are able to undergo the new procedures available to assist infertility. One has to remain completely relevant to their situation.

Now that we’ve gotten through the serious stuff, let’s start gossiping about our favorite mama bears who conceived post the age of 40…