Check It Out: 10 Surprising Elevators

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A lot can happen in an elevator – or very little. Typically, it’s one of the most boring parts of your days – especially if you work in a high-rise or live in an apartment building. Sometimes you’re stuck in there alone from the first floor to the very top with nothing to do in this small, enclosed space.

Other times, you get stuck in there for such a duration with someone you know but never talk to. Welcome to five minutes of awkward silence or hesitant pleasantries.

Don’t get me wrong, the elevator is much better than walking up all those flights of stairs, but at times it can also be hugely inconvenient – if it’s one of those elevators that never seems to work – or just plain boring or awkward.

That is, until you get on one of these twenty elevators designed by some unique people who were tired of the typical elevator experience.

Check it out:

1) To keep the elderly patients from feeling anxious or, worse, running away, this long-term care facility for the elderly thought making the elevators into a mural would be a good idea.

Now, it just looks like a warm, inviting scene!

2) This designer must have been wishing for a snow day and decided to make his own. Step into a winter wonderland with evergreens and snow angels. It feels like Christmas every time you need to go up or down!

3) Wait, where are the buttons? Don’t worry; you’re not trapped. Just look down, and kick instead of pushing buttons, like any ordinary elevator would have you do.

Maybe get some of that pent up anger out while you’re at it, too!

4) This designer had emergency situations in mind. What an inventive way to take care of medical emergencies that cause one to land on the ground, unable to rise!

The alarm button located by the floor is accessible in any situation.

5) Now we’re going from winter wonderland to the tropics. Dive into this elevator that seems to take you under the sea as it’s surrounded by a giant aquarium.

I’d never take the stairs again in this German building.

6) The elevator up to the top of the World Trade Centre is one-of-a-kind.

While you’re in the clear elevator, you’re also getting a clear picture of the architectural evolution of the city as you head up.

7) If you’re self-conscious about your weight, you may want to take the stairs instead of this elevator.

The elevator provides a digital visual aid to alert its riders of how close it is to reaching its weight capacity. Smart!

8) Now this is probably my personal favorite. The button is located 30 feet away from the elevator so that, by the time you arrive at the doors, it should be ready to receive you!

Good for impatient, always-in-a-rush people like me.

9) Whether you struggle with memory loss or you can’t even remember what day it is after what just happened last night, this hotel in Ukraine has got your back.

Every morning, they change the elevator rug to let riders know what day it is.

10) Now this is a bit hilarious; I wonder what prompted the need for a “shuffle” button in an elevator.

The elderly? Indecisive people? Who knows! Definitely the first time I’ve had the option to shuffle off of an elevator without getting stuck in the doors.