Check Out New Christmas Movies on Netflix

Netflix has scheduled four amazing Christmas movies for you this holiday. These picks are nice, and they will be helpful if you find it hard to make a choice like I sometimes do.

I am sure movie producers find it hard to make Christmas classics because of the high expectations. While some of the Christmas movies have been a hit in the box office, others were forgotten after a while. However, these storylines may be adapted many years later and remade into new movies.

We are happy Netflix has decided to make a move to preserve our favorite Christmas movies. The streaming platform has repeatedly selected some of the amazing Christmas movies with engaging storylines to be featured at the end of the year. This approach makes the Netflix platform a wonderful addition to every family’s screen entertainment plan during the holidays. The movies Netflix chooses to show are free from obscene language; they also do not advertise unhealthy living options or show people drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Christmas movies are also not so serious. The scenes are somewhat comedic, which can make the viewers laugh and have a great time. They can also be used to set the mood during holiday parties. While Netflix has made this move to give its subscribers awesome Christmas movie options this season, the selection has been made to feature movies many people may not be willing to pay and watch at the cinemas.

The Christmas Chronicles

In this movie, Kurt Russell plays the role of Saint Nick who mistakenly crashes the great Santa’s sleigh. In a bid to save Christmas, he must make quick amends. He teams up with two young ‘heroes’ to ensure Christmas gifts are delivered to the children. The movie is a mix of bizarre, incredible decisions, laughter, and some emotion; overall, it is a satisfying film for both the young and old.


This is another classic feature starring Jennifer Aniston, Anne Fletcher, Danielle Macdonald, and other awesome stars. It is a nice movie, the performances are spectacular, and you will enjoy the Dolly Parton soundtrack for this movie. One thing that stands out with this movie is the cheerful entertainment that can put smiles on the face of everyone watching the scenes. It is surely a movie to watch on Netflix. The movie advocates being free spirited, open-minded, and the need to stay positive.

A Christmas Prince

The Royal Wedding You will enjoy the unfolding drama as Amber, who had helped Richard secure his throne now plans to marry him. She will become the Queen; however, Amber is not really sure she is ready to live the rest of her life as a Queen.

The Princess Switch

This movie was rated at 89% by Rotten Tomatoes. It is a nice film about the life of a duchess who switches roles with a normal girl just before Christmas. She gets to experience a different kind of Christmas living life as a normal citizen in her country. However, she ends up falling in love with the other girl’s man, and same thing happens in the castle, find out more on Netflix.

Christmas Inheritance

The soundtrack for this movie is amazing. A young woman is forced to overcome the snow to deliver a Christmas card on behalf of her father. If she can perform this task successfully, she will inherit her father’s vast business. However, her experiences while trying to accomplish the goal changes her mind about many things.

Well, we are happy Netflix has chosen to show these movies, they have great stories, and more people can appreciate them even if many of the movies were released over one year ago. Thankfully, we can have a great time on Christmas day, and during the holidays with nice, humor-filled Christmas movies.

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