Watch: Cheerleader Becomes Internet Sensation

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A few minutes into watching the video my jaw dropped and then a smile formed on my lips. It felt great to see such an energetic and enthusiastic cheerleader put in his best creative efforts to stand out. I was right; it isn’t the way cheerleading is done normally, the young man couldn’t resist showing off his special moves. The video footage has since gone viral; you can spend minutes scrolling through the comments which are also hilarious.

It happened in Texas, and the amazing young man is named LaDarius Marshall. He is one of the cheerleaders at the Navarro College in Texas.

His role in the cheerleading team was supposed to be merely standing and clapping his hands in rhythm. However, that apparently seemed too boring for him. LaDarius goes on to show off some moves that have caught the attention of the internet. He claps, twists his torso and neck at what can be described as unnatural angles, but he seems perfectly comfortable.

At some point, LaDarius effortlessly lifts the female cheerleader onto his shoulders performs the routine and continues his dramatic performance which is what everyone is watching.

All through the routine and his additional dramatics, LaDarius is seen smiling and making facial expressions. He is obviously far away, in an imaginary world, on a stage, in front of a huge crowd, performing while the crowd chants his name…he is a star.

Whatever his intentions were, LaDarius succeeded. The video clip has been viewed over twelve million times. It has also been featured in the local news, and on many videos streaming websites. The online traffic LaDarius has caused online has surely made many bloggers very happy today.

When asked about his spectacular performance, LaDarius states that his goal is to cheer people. He got a cheerleading scholarship to the Navarro Junior College in 2017. Obviously, the people who awarded him this scholarship will be very happy with their decision after seeing this video.

When asked how he gets inspired to perform the way he does, LaDarius mentions his sister and aunt as the people who encouraged him to be a cheerleader. He learned how to tumble from his elder sister and since then cheerleading has become his passion. LaDarius opens up about his cheerleading practice. It takes many trials to get the moves right, and it is important to be in sync with the cheerleading theme.

Cheerleading adds more excitement to during the games. The young performers come on the field to show off their tumbling skills and other stunts for a few minutes before and during the games such as basketball or football. The specially choreographed moves are made by cheerleaders who show high levels of endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Asides from knowing how to dance, cheerleaders are also expected to be confident, team players with high levels of commitment, patient, and have a positive attitude at all times.

LaDarius obviously matches the description of a true cheerleader. What’s more, he also coaches little cheerleaders. LaDarius says it is one of the best opportunities he has ever had, to teach the young ones his skills and encourage them to become even better cheerleaders in future.

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