Children Have Water Fight With Vancouver Police for Charity

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Rumble / Everyday Heroes - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada has one very special day each year. Variety-The Children’s Charity puts on an amazing fundraiser. This day includes some pirate-themed fun for everyone involved.

Being right on the Pacific Coast there are many boating enthusiasts around the Vancouver area and this special day brings out huge numbers of volunteers. Boat owners volunteer their time and boats to give these children that would normally not be able to enjoy boating due to financial, mobility or other challenges a day of pirate-themed fun in Vancouver.

On June 9, 2018, over 500 kids with special needs participated in the annual Boat for Hope fundraiser hosted by Variety – The Children’s Charity and outboard motor company Evinrude.

Brent who did most of the video recording this day had the opportunity to be involved as a “good“ pirate aboard his buddy GOLDTOOTH’s family yacht. Everyone boarded at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club near downtown Vancouver.

Goldtooth’s parents Harvey and Maggy have been involved with and donating the use of their boat for this incredible event for more than 20 years. Goldtooth aka Andy is also on the board of directors of the Boat for Hope. Goldtooth also makes appearances on television during the TV telethon which shows his great commitment to these kids year after year.

After getting all the kids and family on board, Goldtooth gave his boating safety speech and highlighted this was going to be FUN! “Protect my treasure“ he stated and the crew of pirates was given their ammunition of water guns and water buckets.

Brent and his wife Elsa made sure the pirate's water guns were always full so they could fend off the bad pirates with their best efforts. Fending off the Vancouver Police Force, Coast Guard and Search & Rescue made for a great effort by the good pirates.

Boat for Hope had already raised over $40,000 this year at the time of the event, by holding fundraising events across the province. Boat for Hope not only creates an incredible and interactive experience for children with special needs but also raises funds to provide health care support directly to children throughout British Columbia.

Brent and Elsa mentioned, “ this day was so much fun, we surely hope to be back next year”. What an amazing and fun event for everyone, not just the kids!