China Grows First Plant On The Moon

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Cotton seeds that were transported outside the earth by a Chinese probe for planting on the moon have finally started growing. This thus makes it the very first time that a plant will be grown on the moon.

While announcing it, images of the sprouted cotton seed were displayed by research experts from China. While the Chinese probe and the plant were on the moon.

This achievement makes China, the first to have its spaceship stationed in a distant part of the moon. This happened with a Yutu 2 landing on the 3rd of January on Aitken Basin – the most prominent crater on the moon.

Aside from growing a cotton seed, the China Probe called this surgeon, “Change 4”. With the primary purpose to achieve a set of activities. Such as examining the propensity to discover liquid, possibly water, in the planet’s poles and reaching a low lunar frequency radio astronomy research.

Growing a plant was among one of the experiments to see if plants can survive in a close-to-zero gravity pull.

China Is Out To Conquer Space


As the spaceship touched down on the moon, it began its experiment by watering the cotton seed. Days later, the seedling sprouted a shoot.
Although man has achieved some level of success in growing a plant in space, no one has tried this on the moon until now.

The head of the research team, who also doubles as a lecturer and dean of Chongqing University’s Institute of Advanced Tech spoke overwhelmingly of their success in a story on the institution’s website.

"We have successfully rewritten our human existence with this achievement. Growing a cotton seedling on a plane surface as the moon. Thus making it the first that anyone would ever come across whenever he visits the moon. The first of its kind," Xie said.

The researchers are taking it a notch higher by planting a host of other plants like rapeseed, potato, fruit fly eggs, etc.

The University’s blog has reported that the experiment is designed to show the development of life in intense radiation and low gravity environments. In addition to aid in setting up a plan on how humans can build resources for new missions and projects on the moon.

The country’s desire to conquer space is not only based on how it can grow plants or resources, but China's version of NASA also reported that Chang’e 4’s preceding mission, Chang’e 5, is to begin towards the last quarter of the year. Its purpose is to get bits of the moon for study in its laboratory.

China is primed to land on the moon in the year 2020. It will be the first of many to come. The deputy in charge of CNSA (China’s version of NASA) made this announcement on Monday in Beijing, China, during a News conference.