China's Major Efforts to Save the Elephants

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Ivory trade is a very controversial topic that China finally decided to take control of. The trade industry involves removing the tusks of major animals including the hippopotamus and the most notorous African and Asian elephants. This is an industry that dates back to the times of the colonization of Africa in which slaves were forced to carry the tusks of the elephants in the scorching heat. The purpose of these tusks were mainly for piano keys and the wealth they could provide. Unfortunately, through this unethical type of trade, more than half a million Elephants and other animals have been slaughtered in the process. Although historical, this industry has remained a large one with China being a major player, but soon they will play no part.


After being a major power in the Ivory Trade Industry, China's decision to end its practice will save many elephants, especially the ones who struggle in Africa. An estimate of 100,000 elephants have been killed in the past ten years, as China's "white gold" (elephant tusks) continued to be produced by the masses. China's change of heart is one of the most surprising efforts as China's decision will affect many countries around the world that are involved in the trade. elephants3

Many wildlife reservists have been calling the decision a huge blessing for the elephants around the world. As China leaves, so does a major part of the Ivory Trade business. Since China has been the one calling the shots for generations, the industry will weaken, and lives of thousands upon thousands of elephant's lives will be saved. After having held many protests, many animal rights activists can head to sleep, knowing that their efforts have served a purpose beyond a picket sign and a statement. For those who desired the end of the Ivory Trade, they see this is the first step and a sigh of a breath for the Elephants of Africa.