Coming Home to a Furry Surprise!

Not everyone likes pets – some people love them but just can’t handle one. Others simply don’t want the burden of trying to cope with a cat.

For Nigel living life without any companionship was tough. Until the day he came home and happened to find a furry little cat looking at him with those loving little eyes!

A Happy Surprise

Sitting in his fold-up chair in the middle of his home, the little cat had made his way and clearly liked the look of the place.

Taking to Imgur to let everyone know what he’d came home to, Nigel explained the comedy of the situation.

“I came home from work to find this little floof just chillin in my house. He must have come in through an open window. I don’t own a cat,”
“He had no collar and was meowing like crazy. I decided he must be hungry so I ran to the store and got some kitty food and other supplies.” Nigel continues in the post. “Lil Gato was so happy! He was meowing/ purring as he ate.”

Hero of the Day

Ever the hero, Nigel soon decided that the cat probably needed a little help – at least help finding his way back home. Asking around the local area for any cats that might be around, Nigel found help wasn’t particularly forthcoming, noting that “none of my neighbors have any cats.”

Not one to be outdone, though, the hero of the day decided to take him to the vet to get him checked for a chip and to see how he was generally health-wise.

“The next day I took him to the vet. He doesn’t have a chip but he did have worms and fleas. Got him his shots and some meds,” Nigel updated everyone.

Following this were some wonderful photos of the little one enjoying his new kingdom and looking absolutely delighted with himself. Adjusting quickly to such hospitable and homely surroundings, he quickly got used to the venue and settled down.

Part of the Family

Having spent time looking for his owners with no news forthcoming, though, Nigel done the one deed we all hoped for: he adopted the cat!

“I named him Buddy and he seems to love his new place. My Buddy boy. He adopted me,” Nigel posted.
How amazing is this!?

When you hear about people living alone and having nobody in their lives, it’s always sad. This story showed that, for one guy, a bit of home invasion was – for once – a good thing. And for little Buddy, he won’t be spending time having to roam around houses trying to find someone who loves him; with Nigel, he’s got a friend for life!

Would you do the same if you came home to a little feline hanging around the place? What would you do?