Community Helps WW2 Hero Keep Moving with Chair Assistance

Time catches up with us all – even heroes who helped us all to be here today. When Harvey Djerf, 95, began to struggle to make his walks in the morning, his local Minnesota community noticed him. He goes for a walk twice a day to try and stay in shape, but it’s beginning to get a little tougher on him – he wasn’t resting enough, for a start.

Neighbours got together and started to put little chairs out on the lawn for him to make sure he could take a little break as he walked. At the time of writing, 12 chairs in total had been placed out for him to sit down and use when he was on the move.

Speaking about the act of kindness, Harvey was delighted.

”It’s kind of snowballed now. I’m up to 12 chairs now. They must’ve seen that I was pausing and catching my breath and that’s when they probably took pity on me.” he said.

On warm days, people come and serve him little lemonade and cookies to help him make sure he could keep on going. How awesome is that!?

He’d served as part of the 126th Anti-Aircraft Gun Battalion, who played a major role in taking out German bombers. For 33 months, he served across Europe before coming back home to the US. Having stayed in the Plymouth area for over six decades, he has long been a well-loved part of the community and they stayed in a home that he and his wife had built. Until his wife had a stroke and they moved into assisted living, they had stayed in the same spot.

What kind of nice gestures have you seen in your local community to warm the heart? Anything in particular?