This Courageous Cop Helped Out a Shoplifter

When someone steals from a store, the stigma of theft can ruin their entire lives. Most of the time, we like seeing thieves and other people caught out taking what is not there to be taken. When the cops roll into the store to huckle them away for their theft, it’s usually something that the public enjoy watching – a rogue getting their comeuppance. However, sometimes, people who are stealing aren’t doing it out of badness or greed – but out of necessity.

Take Bennet Johns, a US Police Officer at Laurel PD, Maryland, was called to a theft attempt in a Giant grocery store, he walked in expecting the usual scenario to unfold. However, what he found was a young woman, ID unknown, who had tried to steal $15 worth of diapers for her child. When he arrived and heard her side of the story, he found out that she had stolen them to help her infant son.

On the spot, he cited for a misdemeanor theft – which was nice. Some officers would take the liberty here and take them in. Instead, Johns decided to get the wallet out and pay for the goods himself – she might have stolen, but that does not mean that her son should need to go without.

Good Deed Goes Viral

Very quickly, people took to social media to share a positive story about a police officer doing a great, charming and selfless deed. The public hopped onto the story and the goodwill that it generated as absolutely outstanding. The PD Facebook page became inundated with kinds works and respectful thanks for the Officer, having made a positive difference while giving a valuable lesson to the mother.

OK, she was still a criminal – but not everyone commits crimes out of bad intentions. This lady wanted to help her infant son out but didn’t have enough money to do so. Should her child suffer because her economic situation is so bad? Some heartless folks may say yes, but we say otherwise.

While we are used to hearing bad stores about the cops of this world, the showcase rolled on and everyone was happy to promote a positive, heart-warming story about a police officer who was happy to give out a little advice but not leave her and her son empty-handed.

Speaking to Fox News, PD Chief Richard Mclaughlin, was very positive and enthusiastic about what he had seen along the way. He said that he was proud of all of his officers, but “particularly this one.”

Just remember, then, that not every copper is a crook and not everyone who has to help themselves is a criminal. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that; sometimes, our actions are fed by a desperation to help others rather than ourselves. That’s majorly apparent reading this story. Well done, Officer!