Stranded At Sea- Adorable Kuala Gets Rescued!

Animals are usually far more street-wise than your average human. When we get into a tight spot we can find it hard to get a solution and  do anything other than cry for help. Animals do not make the same kind of calls we do, it’s not like they get to call search & rescue.

So, when an animal gets itself into a tough spot – like this fantastic little koala bear did – something has to be done to help the animal out. The Australian Coast Guard are regularly saving animals in tough situations, and this heart-warming story shows just how strange some of these situations can be!

In Victoria, Australia, the Guard was heading back to base following the rescue of a vessel, taking everyone back safely. Sean Hannam, a member of the team, spotted a creature clinging onto a wooden pole far out from shore – he and Gary Sissons, his crewmate – decided to head on over to have a look.

There was a little koala who was in a lot of trouble – he was stuck onto the slippery rope of a mooring pole. He was in major distress, and needed assistance ASAP!

Thankfully, the boys got to work and made sure that they could keep him calm, avoid getting him scared, and get him away from the situation in a timely manner. Using a little rescue board, they wrapped him up nice and right and took him over to Quail Island where they hoped he could get back to normal life.

While koalas can swim, it was strange to see one so far out from land – at least the little guy was OK and he could go back to doing normal koala things like eating and sleeping. Worried at first by his lack of movement and emotion, the team were scared he had been shocked into a daze.

However, he soon came back to action and turned off, scampering back to the wild to go back to being himself. Luckily the Coast Guard rescued the little guy and got him back to safety, so that he can go back to enjoying a stress free life. Stay away from the water, little one!