Cracker Barrel Lovers Tour Every US Venue

As one of the most enjoyable cracker venues in the word, Cracker Bar restaurants are up there with the best drive-through foods that you get to enjoy. However, one couple decided that they loved Cracker Barrel so much, they would make a trip to every single Cracker Barrel restaurant in the whole of the USA!

The Happy Couple’s Adventure Begins

Ray and Wilma Yoder of Goshen, Indiana, are happily married farmers who have been together for the best part of 60 years. As Ray, an RV driver delivering them to dealerships and finding buyers, drove around the States for years he got used to the idea of stopping in for a quick bite to eat.

He stopped at a Cracker Barrel nearly 40 years ago, and says that at first he “wasn’t too impressed” but as he continued to use them as he drove around, it became a familiarly enjoyable experience for him.

With one in most towns, it became easy to eat in this way; always capable of finding one even in the smallest of towns. After years of eating them, though, and their kids grew older Wilma started to join him when he was on the road. They would go to all manner of Cracker Barrels together, and then decided that they should go and visit them all!

A Quest Complete

With the help of their daughter, Doris, the couple began to track down all of the best options for them to go and look at, divulging details on everything from store opening times to locations so that her parents could fulfil their wish of visiting every last one of them.

Wilma, sadly, suffered a brain aneurism and they had to take a year out from their trip to let her recover. Ray takes care of all the driving and instead drives around in a smart Ford Fusion rather than a big, bulky RV.

So far, they’ve finished their quest, having visited all 645 Cracker Barrels across the 44 US states that have one.

If you could only ever eat from one restaurant again, what would be your choice of food?