Crazy: China Has An Internet Court

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Should we be surprised? Well, considering the fact that there are millions of active internet users in China, there are bound to be so many disputes. The high demand for internet access can put a strain on the Telecommunication companies who may not provide the needed services. Or other cases of breached agreement during online shopping, and different types of internet services that need to be settled legally. What we know is these cases related to internet usage are heard in a special court.

In this court, citizens can find lasting and finding solutions to their grievances. The cases related to the internet are also between citizens. A contractual agreement, copyright infringement, investments or the wrong use of the internet which causes another person to experience financial loss or emotional distress are settled in the court.

To address these issues, there are two main courts in China that handle all internet related issues.

The first internet court in China was opened last year. It is located in the Hangzhou region, which is the eastern part of China. The court has been saddled with the responsibilities of handling all disputes related to internet usage and sale. The second court named the Beijing Internet Court will support these efforts. It is expected that a third court will soon be opened in the Guangzhou region, Southern China.

It is apparent these cases are on the increase in China. This is why the authorities in the country recently found the need to establish the second internet court in China in addition to the first court. The new court - the “Beijing Internet Court” was opened in Beijing and the ceremony was officially witnessed by the notable Chinese government and legal staff. With this new addition, all cases related to contract breaches involving intellectual property and other related internet-related crimes can be adequately addressed. These two courts will operate according to the legal provisions in the Chinese constitution. The aspects of the law will be applied to the use and sale of the internet in China.

It is understandable that these two courts have been established to maintain order in the e-commerce industry and among the users. Quicker judgments and consumer protection will go a long way to encourage all the users of these services to adhere to the rules and regulations while offering or using the internet in China.

According to the statistics revealed by the Beijing Higher People’s Court, the number of internet-related cases handled by the court is increasing. The numbers have risen from the previous years at a steady rate. Last year, the courts in China handled as many as thirty-seven thousand cases related to internet crimes and disputes.

To improve its services, the internet court in Beijing will be open 24-hours daily. The staff will include thirty-eight experienced judges who are familiar with the internet rules and related constitution in China. The president of the internet court Zhang Wen has stated that every case is tried according to the legal proceedings without prejudice. Details of on-going trials can be accessed through the digital litigation platforms where the final decisions made by the judges can also be viewed.

The legal system in China which handles internet-related disputes is also used to check foreign investors who wish to establish their brands in the Chinese market.

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