Worst Tic-Tac-Toe Game Ever

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Unless you are new to the world of games and, well, fun, you will have heard of Tic-Tac-Toe. This comical game is one that drives a lot of people batchy; it’s very hard to win, despite being so utterly simplistic. Come up against someone decent, and they can make you look a fool.

Losing at T-T-T is a hard thing to deal with… how can you lose at something so simple, huh?

Well, fear not. If you cringe at thoughts of a loss in the past, do yourself a favor and watch this Portland Trail Blazers fan group have, uh, some issues with the game. This embarrassing experience took place during their early February game against the Charlotte Hornets.

During a break in the game, the club decided to let a few fans play a basketball-themed version of T-T-T together during the break.

The fans had to make the lay-up, then they had to get a game piece, and then run it into the mid-court and place it down. It’s basically the same as ever, except you needed to make a lay-up if you wanted to get a new piece. Simple enough, right?

Sadly, it turns out that the two fans who took part are GOD AWFUL at Tic-Tac-Toe. Like, dreadful. You need to watch this and see for yourself as to how this clearly was about as poorly thought-out a form of entertainment as is imaginable. Sure, it’s entertaining…. but not really for the reasons that the planning committee probably had in mind when they set this façade up.

As one of the players has the opportunity to tie it all up quite quickly with another O, the woman with the X’ decides to put a piece away up in the corner. It achieves nothing. It gives her no extra help, and it does not bock out her opponent from winning. For a moment, you can hear the brains of the crowd doing maths to work out just why someone might make such an, uh, odd decision.

To make matters worse, she had a chance at redemption and then tried to place her X on an already-occupied square. For anyone who is out of Nursery, you will know that you cannot do that. The one with the Os then has the chance to win it herself, by simply placing it in the middle and fails to do so. We genuinely can’t get our heads around how someone could struggle with this concept, to be honest.

As the one with the Xs AGAIN messes up, O swoops in and ‘saves the day’ by putting everyone out of their misery. Have you ever seen two people manage to make a mess of something so simple before?