Designing Abstract Aerial Art that Can Only Be Viewed From Above

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There are so many amazing and beautiful natural things that you will never notice or realize unless you view them from above.  JP and Mike Andrews have shared amazing sights and patterns that can only be seen from above by creating their own work as “abstract aerial art”.

They use drones called DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic 2 Pro.  They will find scenes that are literally all too perfect to be real and are, sadly, ignored.

Above Down Under

UK photographers started in 2016 when they visited Australia.  They wanted to know how much more they could view of remote areas from above.  They bought their first drone and headed to the outback. They quickly became in awe of what they discovered.

They grabbed the perspective of the drone to capture textures of the earth, swirls of patterns, symmetry and amazing colors.  The more they were drawn into what they were viewing and photographing, the more committed they became.

Each landscapes changes, exposing a truly magnificent and somewhat strange world that we live in.  The more they photographed these images, the more they were amazed at what they were actually looking at! Now, they are sharing these images to the world.