Designing of Invitations – Tips & Considerations

DIY (do it yourself) designing of invitations are a rapidly growing segment of the wedding invitation printing business. Because DIY invitations are an innovative way of reducing costs without sacrificing beauty and style. Nowadays many people are interested in designing and printing their own invitations. If you are one of them, here is a few tips for that you should know before designing your invitation. After you are ready to go, you have affordable online printing solutions.
First of all, layout of your typography is the most important part. It will define the style of your invitation. Consider whether you want to incorporate graphic artwork or decorative icons either printed or through rubber stamps maybe, or if your invitation will feature only text elements. Also consider how formal or traditional your wedding or party will be, which would definitely guide your design decisions. Eventually, figure out your invitation wording by looking at wedding invitation examples online.
Once you have a starting point you can start to create a template which is suitable to your invitation card size. Type out your invitation template. Now it is time to start playing with the following elements;

  • Font Type : Your font choice will dramatically change the look of your invitation card and can turn a diy invitation into a professional looking art masterpiece. Your design software will have default fonts, but there is also a wide variety of fonts available both free and to purchase online. Experiment with different font combinations , and treatment like bold,italics, uppercase, lowercase to see what suits your taste.
  • Font Size : Size of the font will determine how your text fills the space of your invitation print design. You should also consider using varying font sizes to highlight different parts of the text for example bride and groom’s names in larger fonts.
  • Inks : Your design software will have a few ink color options and palets. Think about your invitation package as a whole, other decorative elements such as paper or ribbon you might be using, and select an ink color that complements your overall color theme.
  • Alignment : Although a center alignment has traditionally been the way a wedding invitation is formatted, you may see many futuristic invitations using a right or left alignment layouts. Also combination of alignments can be done.
  • Line Spacing : Spacing between lines is an important completion detail. You won’t like a design with too far apart spacing and not too close either. You will find a balance that’s pleasing to the eye and that works within your invitation template size.

Design and print several number of designs, get some advice from family and friends, and ultimately choose the best invitation design that to fits with your needs and taste.

Designing of Invitations Invitation Prints

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