DiCaprio’s new fling- The Actors continues his modelizer ways

I am a huge Sex and the City fan. Despite that the show has been over for quite some time, I still find nothing more satisfying than binging on these juicy episodes after a long day. And although the plot is sometimes far-fetched, every now and then something happens in real life which bears a striking similarity to the lives of Carrie and her crew. Today has got me thinking of season one, episode two, ‘models and mortals’. In this episode, the girls lament the crazy trend of guys out there who will ONLY date models, and while that sounds kind of shallow and ridiculous, it seems we have our own modelizer in the flesh: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Only Models

Yup, this ridiculously talented actor is also ridiculously talented at keeping his dating track record ‘model only’ or as close to model as possible. Just last week DiCaprio was seen riding around New York with his most recent speculated fling Lorena Rae, a young German model. They were seen riding peacefully along the New York roads, and while paparazzi and armed security followed ensuite, it does seem as close to a ‘normal date’ as you get when it comes to Leo.

But normal is a hard word to use when describing the actors dating history. DiCaprio is known for his specific dating tastes, being that she must either be, or be fitting to be a Victoria Secret Angel. In fact, he has dated a total of ten Victoria Secret models in his time. DiCaprio, now 41, is also known for dating women far younger than him, usually in their 20’s. While some claim his dating, habits are every man’s dream, others claim it simply points out an extensive list of failed relationships and loneliness.

Chronicles of predetermined failures?

However it could also be that his relationships with his string of beauties is mutually beneficial: they get to be seen with a famous actor, and he gets to be seen with a beautiful woman on his arm. But is there something deeper going on? Amongst those of a sadder opinion is relationship guru Dr. Gilda Crale who coined DiCaprio a “modelizer”, which is someone who pursues fantasy women knowing it will probably not work out.

Some of the women on the list of Leo’s conquests are Victoria Secret models Gisele Bündchen, Israeli beauty Bar Refaeli, American model Kelly Rohrbach and some beautiful actresses like Blake Lively. However, all these women, regardless of the fact that the relationships came to an end had only warm things to say about DiCaprio. Such as Bündchen who claimed, “We were just not meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I respect him enormously and I wish him nothing but the best.”

While Carrie Bradshaw would insist DiCaprio’s ways are the route problem of all the normal looking girls in the world, you’ve got to admit that The actor, with millions and millions in his bank account, and movies like Titanic, The Aviator and The Great Gatsby in his pocket, certainly does make a great catch. That is assuming he ever decides on being caught for good.