Did You Know That Georgia is Home to One of the Best Wine Havens Worldwide?

Wine is not something for everyone, but for those of us with a love for vino, it is a near-essential product. Many places in the world are known for quality wine, ranging from Argentina and Chile to Italy and France. However, one place in the world that does not get much notice from wine lovers in Georgia. The former Soviet nation has a very interesting history with wine, though, and this is best shown by taking the time to come to the capital, Tbilisi, and see for yourself. 

Photo: Kym Ellis/Unsplash

The Georgian capital is home to a stunning little wine culture that often goes missing when looking at popular places to visit for vino. The city itself is rich and gorgeous, filled with history and culture, but it is the connection to wine that might convince you to finally book up and visit.

If you come to this part of the world, then make sure that you take the time to try out Saperavi. This comes from the Kakheti region of the country, not far from the capital, so a short trip should be a priority. This sweet wine will bring in many fans who like their wine to be a bit on the charming side.

At the same time, you should try and make time to try out some Khvanchkar wine, which is sweet and suitable for afternoon drinking. Like any wine, though, it is best enjoyed in moderation!

Photo: Zan/Unsplash

They love wine so much in Tbilisi, there is a statue!

You might think that some cultures are wed to their love of wine, but few do it as well as the people of Georgia. Indeed, there is a statue, called Mother Georgia, which stands within the city itself. It shows a woman carrying a wine bowl which she shares with friends and foes alike. It is a very famous statue, found in the center of the city so it should be impossible to miss.

In Georgian culture, an enemy is also a friend – and so we share wine with the people we love and the people we hate. Who knows? This could perhaps be a good way to solve disputes in the future.

After all, life is much easier when we are inebriated by the fun and funk of a bottle of wine!