We Didn’t Start the Fire: Students Pasta Disasta

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When students are living during college and uni years, they often find themselves in comical situations. A mixture of immaturity, tiredness, a lack of application and an immature desire to ‘just see what happens’ fuels many of their decisions. From eating extremely questionable foods because they were on offer to forget the most basic of cooking ingredients, students, and their food are unfortunate bedfellows.

However, when three American students were staying in Italy as part of a Student Exchange Program, they decided to try and live Italian. They ate Italian food and done what they could to assimilate into the culture. One day, though, they were making pasta – and forgot to actually use water to help the cooking process, you know, become possible.

Not exactly known as the most open-minded of people, students can make fools of themselves in the ridiculous ways. This pack of three students decided to buy some pasta and take it back their apartment in Florence to cook it. They forgot to boil any water with it, though, and just fired the pasta into a dry, empty pot and basically said “Cook, bro!”

Since spaghetti and searing do not go hand-in-hand, it went up in flames very quickly. Now, given they forgot to do the most basic cooking instruction ever, it’s no surprise that when the fire started they had to call the fire department. Oblivious on how to stop the fire, they watched as the problem worsened and as their apartment became a potential death zone.

While the fire department was able to save them before anything too bad came of it, they abuse handed out to the students in the Italian press was quite visceral. One person remarked saying that the boys should “return to the USA to eat hamburger and chips” while another lamented that one of these guys could likely be the next President.

While it’s a comical story, it’s kind of embarrassing that someone could live in a foreign country without being able to understand such a basic cooking concept. No harm was done, bar to the reputation of every student from the States who tries to make a foreign dish again.