Digital Sales Down. Vinyl is Back, Baby!

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About a half-decade ago, I remember having a chat with my Dad, to do with the Sony PlayStation 4. He was really impressed that, instead of having a fleet of discs lying around the place for my games, I would just download them all from the online store and keep them digitally, available on-demand.

With the likes of Spotify so prominent at the time, too, he seemed genuinely glad that the wasteful, easy to damage disc era was coming to an end.

Well, sorry dad, but I have to say that there’s a massive upswing in people heading back in time. With many people buying physical copies of their music in abundance once again, 2017 seen a big fall in digital downloads alongside a massive upsurge in physical purchases again. I can see my dad tutting and shaking his head in disbelief right now!

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), there’s been a massive surge in people deciding to go classic once again. This was the first time since 2011 that physical sales were outlasting the digital industry, with CDs and vinyl’s especially moving more than $200m extra in sales across the year.

For people like myself who are too used to the digital side of things, this just makes no sense to me. While I get the collector thing – I recently bought old-school PlayStation 1 cases for my PS4 games that I do own on disc- I cannot grasp why you would immediately choose the physical copy over the digital edition.

While CDs are down by 6% in sales, vinyl went up an impressive 10%. While streaming obviously plays a big role in people no longer buying digital albums, instead getting them on subscription services, it’s a pretty significant change for the industry. Want to see what else the RIAA found in the music industry? Check out their comprehensive report

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