Are Disney VHS’ Making Collectors Rich?

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Back in the day, did you happen to have a boatload of old VHS tapes covering all the Disney classics?

As you might imagine, these kinds of classics tend to become quite worthwhile. It happens in all kind of industries; sports cards, trading cards, coins, stamps, CDs, anything you can imagine. And right now, people are going crazy for the retro feel of an old, bulky VHS. As the ‘vinyl’ of TV, VHS cassettes were all the rage until the dawn of CD-capable TV media.

A Trend With Almost Everything

Old tapes, looking back, were a complete pain. They had to be rewound manually, despite their bulky size were as flimsy as they came, and could easily be written over. It wasn’t rare to find people’ favorite movies and cartoons completely written off by a carless Record without changing the VHS!

Disney movies, though, were all the rage; they were absolutely massive at the time. The likes of Aladdin were huge hits, and many editions were made to cash in on the new hype-train. With limited and special editions released of just about every Disney movie, certain people started to find they had these limited copies without even knowing it.

Valuable Beyond Imagination

Now, prepare yourself for this: if you have the specific copy of Beauty and the Beast listed below, you could get around $9,000 for it on eBay from a crazy collector. These are very specifically-detailed styles of the VHS itself. It also has to be in more or less top condition. Don’t start tearing up the attic to find all of your old videos’ just yet!

If the spine of a video reads “The Classics” in a little triangular image, you might just be in luck. These were a very limited style of Disney movie, and some of them can sell for a few hundred dollars. Some might even get you more, of course, like the above. If you have the same Beauty and the Beast with the Human Again song in it, that is worth a lot of money itself.

The one above, you might notice, reads A Walt Disney Classic on the image. That’s even rarer than the simple “The Classics” range and is even more limited. These can be worth the four figures seen above in the right condition and quality.

Other weird ones like the old and banned copy of The Little Mermaid with the ‘old’ cover can net you a lot of money at the same time. Banned and discontinued content certainly up the value too.

Of course it is vital to make sure it’s in top condition, works perfectly well and everything else. It might be worth investing in a VCR if you want to try them out if you have any of the more classic Walt Disney VHS tapes. If you do, you could be in for a nice little financial bonus!