Do You Know What Carries the Most Germs in Your Wallet?

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It's really amazing how little we think about items we use every day and not even realize we are getting germs and bacteria on our hands, our faces, and passing them on to other people and things.

You probably use it every day and No, it's not dollar bills or coins. Though that would be a good guess considering how many other people have put their hands on these bills and coins. If you think about it, you would be washing your hands almost all day long. Give up? It's your credit and debit cards!

Recent research has shown that the level of germs on credit and debit cards is really quite high.

There is a sanitation monitoring device that actually measures the level of bacteria on the surface in order to calculate the germ rate. As a matter of fact, credit and debit cards have more germs and bacteria then dollar bills and coins put together.

What's even more disgusting, credit cards rank higher in germs than public bathrooms or subway poles. In perspective, surfaces in a restaurant's kitchen should have a germ score that's lower than 10 to be considered sanitary.

Credit cards rank in at 285 which is 20 times dirtier than any of the above and is sitting in your wallet or pocketbook!

Granted, you don't eat food using your credit or debit card but you should learn how to clean them. After all, you clean your hands and even your phone to get rid of dirt and germs, so why not your credit and debit cards that you probably handle every day? On top of that, you are passing those germs and bacteria on to absolutely everything you touch!

Cleaning your credit and debit cards is actually a lot easier than you might think and never affects the operation of the cards.

Cleaning Your Credit & Debit Cards:

You can use cleaning wipes used for your phones without damaging the cards. Another alternative is using anti-bacterial wipes that kill 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces.

As a matter of fact, you should go through your pockets or pocketbook and find other items that are collecting germs and bacteria and give them a good cleaning as well.

After wiping down your cards with an anti-bacterial wipe, give the card a little time to just sit and make sure the cards are totally dry before slipping them back into your wallet or swiping them in a machine. You have several items that could use a good cleaning including membership cards, ID cards, drivers' licenses, etc.

So the next time you use your credit or debit card just remember they carry all sorts of germs and bacteria that you are now passing on to someone else. If you can, carry wipes around with you and clean your hands to keep germs from making you sick. It's quick, it's easy, and it's so incredibly sanitary!