Dreamiest TV Wedding Dresses Ever

Although the following wedding ceremonies were far from real, this doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to drool. That’s right, put down your bridal magazines and brace yourselves, because we’ve come up with a list of some of the best wedding gowns we’ve seen on TV. These wedding ceremonies can’t just be to make us cry during our chick flicks, so let’s see which ones we can take some inspiration from.

Warning! This article may cause any bride-to-be to go a little bit more crazy than usual.

Ready? Let’s adDRESS these 34 ladies in their gowns properly…

‘Suits’: Rachel Zane

So maybe Rachel Zane’s wedding dress is not nearly as extravagant as Meghan Markle’s at the royal wedding, but is there anything you can put Meghan in that doesn’t make her look like a princess? This classic V-neck dress was designed by Anne Barge. This dress is the perfect combination of extra and modest.

The fitted waist and simple top half of the dress, give an elegant and classic look. Where as the lower half of the dress, is covered in floral appliques giving you the ‘its my wedding day’ glow.

If you’re a Suits fan, then you know that this was an appropriate occasion to end off season seven. The marriage of Rachel and Mike Ross, warmed our hearts way more than her dress, but that wasn’t too bad to look at ether.