Elephant Raids An Entire Bus For A Bunch Of Bananas

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In faraway Sri Lanka, there are animals that are very fond of bananas. And do you know that a banana is a type of grass? Moreover, it is the tallest grass in the world! And the fruits of this “herb” are eaten with much pleasure all over the world and surely not only by humans! Bananas are delicious and extremely useful. One Indian elephant would eat bananas every day in the wilderness. His or Her Majesty would just take the fruit off the “tallest grass in the world” with his or her royal trunk and put it in the mouth. But, one day, they just might not feel like food gathering and do something absolutely unexpected. What could an elephant do? Well, watch the video at the top of the page and find out for yourself!

Elephants have the reputation of the sages of the animal world. They were seen using tools such as sticks to get ticks, palm leaves to drive away flies. As the Institute of Nature Institute notes, "many young elephants in the wilderness develop mischievous habits to clog a wooden bell that they wear around their necks, dirt or clay so that they do not make noise during banana rides on the farm at night." Elephants steal bananas, while the owner of the farm quietly sleeps and does not hear the robber.

Take this at heart when viewing the video. The anti-hero in our video not only that was set to steal bananas that day but he literally ambushed and raided a moving vehicle to get to the tasty snack! He probably thought that it makes no sense to walk every day to the same place, which, frankly, is far from his dwelling to eat his favorite food. He stopped a bus, many times its size, snug its trunk inside the driver’s window and literally held the driver hostage until the frantic passengers did not muster a bunch of bananas and offer it as a bribe to let the poor man go!

In the video, you can clearly see how a driver got clobbered by an elephant’s trunk as it stole bananas from a bus along a road in Kataragama, Sri Lanka. In the video, a bus approaches an elephant that is standing in the middle of the road. When the bus is next to the elephant, it immediately sticks its trunk into the window to grab a bunch of bananas in the bus, walloping the driver in the process. The driver speeds away after the elephant pilfers the bananas.

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