Ever Watch Crayons Get Baked Before?

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One of the best things about having a creative mind is being able to use that creativity to make amazing things take place. Parents naturally need to be creative in a bid to help their children move forward in life, and for that reason many people find the life-affirming nature of Peter Brown very inspiring indeed.

Kids love to see creative and interesting new things all the time, but I have to admit that seeing a tray of crayons go in the oven was something new to me. And damn, it had me excited!

Peter, a professional crafter, decided to put all of his crayons in the oven and the results are, well, see for yourself. You would not believe how much crazy effects can come from putting a range of these little wax colouring tools in the oven!

Picking up a large group of crayons, then removing all of the paper because of the obvious fire hazard, they then just need to be readied. If you are having a hard time getting all the labels off, freeze them and the labels come off so much simpler.

Peter then set up all of the crayons on a large table, placing them onto a large cake pan – he used hundreds of crayons, and you should feel free to do so yourself. Try and group colours together, too, so that the final effect can be as impressive as it possibly can be.

Placing them in the oven at 150F, Peter let them sit in there for about three hours before the wax would solidify. Just keep checking if you do it yourself and they will solidify in no time. Once safe to take out of the oven, give the bottom of the pan a smack to make sure they come out of the pan in one go. You should be left with a massive block of oozing, awesome colours that all combine together for something pretty damn special.

He then saws them using a ban saw (tip: only do this is if you a pro due to the dangerous nature of the saw) to help make the cube a perfect 90-degree cube. At the end, after the use of some smart technical skills, Peter made them into a tremendous crayon vase. You can probably already see how easily this would be to use for your own creative needs, right?

All you need are a bunch of crayons, an oven to solidify the wax and then the creative mind-set to turn that large core block of crayons into some very cool and abstract artwork. If you want quality, be sure to check out this video and see for yourself how easy it is to get super-creative with the right tools.