Ever Wonder What Happens When A Girl Chats Up A Guy?

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Ever since, well, ever, guys have been finding ways to repulse woman with awful chat-up lines and pick-up routines. From cringeworthy jokes to ridiculous stories, most of them are failures. Since the opening of the internet, though, and the fact we can now contact people with just a few strokes of a keyboard (instead of having to take a physical slap/drink in the face) some guys are, to be frank, vile.

They’ll spend all day propositioning themselves on women across the internet, being absolute pests. We’ve all seen horrible examples of guys being letches across the web – they are a dime a dozen. What you rarely get to see, though, is the wonderful reaction of a man being chatted up on the internet.

It’s like Bambi on ice.

Using the #DateChallenge tag, women started to go around asking guys out via text, WhatsApp, DM etc. to see what kind of comical reactions they will get. Here is a breakdown of five of the most comical reactions that have turned across the tag:


Jesus. That’s absolutely bodying. Not even a rejection – not even a response. Just blocked. More or less asked to leave the person alone, to neve return to them again and to never dare think of them in any other capacity. That’s absolutely shocking – bet you moans about never being able find someone as well.

Being Blunt

Yeah, fair enough. May as well ask and get it out of the way – I mean that’s gonna make you look absolutely swell, for sure. ‘are u trying to have kids with me’ – may as well get the tough questions out the way before the first date, right?

The King of Charm

When you knock someone back for a date, it’s usually protocol to be kind of nice about it. Let them down gently and all that. Nah, not this guy. He just steams in with a personal dig and a rather gruff end remark. Fair enough, the sender takes it well but yeah…I’d be ending that friendship in the mid-term.

That’s More Like It

A bit of snap and a bit of jazz – I like that. Went for it, hit the target, got him to admit he had the hots for him and finished off with a bit of style. I like this one – it’s very good, and also nice to see that not all guys suffer from vacuous pride issues where they cannot say yes to being propositioned.

Can’t Say No

Jeez, how awkward can you get? Rather than just having the cojones to come out and say what he wants to say – no – he goes for the “uh breaking up” line. I know how low I’d sink if a girl hit me with this one; I think being told “No, you suck!” would be a fair bit easier to take, you know?

A bit on the crass side, my friend. You’ll probably regret that one later on down on the line.