If Ever a Zombie Apocalypse- These Are The Places To Go

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With shows like The Walking Dead and movies like 28 Days Later making the world of zombie apocalypses seem all-more terrifying and popular in terms of culture, many people find themselves talking about it.

People always think they would be able to handle a zombie apocalypse and take out anything that comes their way, as they would know where to go to survive.

Comedy appeal of the discussion aside, some people have done some real looking into what the most effective places in the world for halting a zombie apocalypse would be – at least for you and your group. Where, then, do people recommend hiding off until it all blows over?

The Secret Bunker, Scotland. Ahh, the home of the hard! Scotland! Presuming you can get to this fine wee isle, you’d be able to survive just about anything from the old Secret Bunker, a famous bunker found 100ft underneath a farmhouse in Scotland. With a 24,000 square-feet bunker to hide in, you could see out anything in here. It’s made to help house critical government people should Scotland ever come under major nuclear attack, but a zombie apocalypse probably counts as major, so you might be able to charm yourself in.

Maunsell Army Forts, England. Found in the Thames, these odd World War II structures might not look great or feel particularly welcoming, but if you are in a rush it’s a start isn’t it? Given they are out at sea, like another option we have, you can lift your feet up and enjoy a nice place to hide from zombies. Of course, they could be zombie fish-men, in which case, well, farewell.

Lawson Tower, Massachusetts. This epic big tower is a 153ft water tower, and would be a great choice providing you can get to the top without becoming dinner for the zombies. Built by Thomas Lawson, it’s built in the theme of an old-age medieval castle after a disagreement with Mrs. Lawson. It would make a fine place for seeing off the threat of zombies, though, for sure!

Alcatraz Island. Good luck getting out there and all… but it would be a fine place to see off the madness and drudgery of a zombie invasion. It’s an old-school prison that was in use for the worst of the worst. While it’s empty today, it would be a fine choice to escape to if you had the supplies and the ability to get there in the first place.

The Federal Reserve Bunker. Built during the Cold War, this high-tech facility was made using 12-inch thick concrete walls that are supposedly nuke proof. Given zombies aren’t meant to be the brightest and are hardly of nuclear power, we’re sure you could survive in this massive Virginia bunker if you could make your way in.

Each of these options make a fine choice for anyone looking to avoid getting caught up in their own demise. Where would you go to try and survive zombies?