Everything We Know About the Upcoming iPhone 9

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After a long period of waiting and development, the iPhone 9 is finally on its way. As one of the most exciting smartphone releases in some time, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the next iPhone can bring to the table.

While there’s not a huge amount of information available on the iPhone 9 at this moment in time, we’re sure that there will be shortly. Given that you mostly just need to look at what the big trends are in the mobile industry to spot what the next big change on an Apple device might be, we’ll take a few guesses at what might be coming.


Of course, first off – we don’t even know the name of the expected phone. Brand marketers might think the iPhone 9 sounds less modern than the iPhone X – 10 – so it’ll be interesting to see if they play on that gimmick with the name. We could see them dispense with the use of a number at all, as they did with the iPad at one stage.

Key Features

One of the most interesting changes that we’ve heard about is the new ‘Super Retina Display’ system being included. This is going to be a very interesting phone, with a near-edge-to-edge OLED screen being likely. While some experts claim they may go for a mix of LCD and OLED screens, it’s hard to say for sure.

It’ll obviously use the Face ID system, too, which has become a bit of a must-have for Apple goods. It’s likely to make an appearance here after being given rave reviews on the iPhone X. we might also see a change in the hardware being used, as the Apple A12 chip might be included to help improve overall performance.

It will also help to manage out the battery, ensuring that you might have fewer issues than other Apple handsets have had in recent times. Alongside a nice boost to its processing power and ability to handle more modern software demands, it’ll likely be a touch sturdier than the previous solution.

Iphone X

We’ll also likely get a USB-C fast charger with it, making sure that you can get a high-quality charge from a device that would usually cost you a pretty penny to pick up. For example, an 18W USB-C charger could cost you anything from $50+.

It might even come with a pair of Apple AirPods: the top quality Apple earphones that everyone is using these days. However, no confirmation on most of this is available yet: like most Apple devices, they are keeping the major news for the iPhone 9 under lock and key.

Iphone 8plus

Experts think it will be released sometime in September. The majority of Apple devices since the iPhone 5 were announced in September, and available for shipping later that month.

If you are interested in trying out the latest and greatest from Apple, then you should not have to wait too much longer for the iPhone 9 to hit the market.

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