That Exact Moment… Funny and Amazing Photos

Sometimes, we capture the perfect moment on camera. It is rare, but when it happens it’s priceless.
These photos each have a different story to tell. Whether they were intentional or not, what they caught was funny, ground-breaking, emotional and sometimes downright strange!

Even though many of these photographers only realized the gold they had after staring at the photograph for a while, when they realized what they caught on camera, we can imagine their joy. Sit back, and relax these crazy moments captured forever.

Take me to your leader

Ben_zyl / Reddit

Cats, or any pet for that matter, in an E collar, or lamp shade if you wish, is funny. But this one takes the lot. An alien looking twist to a medical situation. Can’t stop laughing.

What have we come to?

@kimiwing / Twitter

When we were young, did we also idolize the lowest parts of a celebrity’s life? Or is it something in the milk they give kids today? Harry Styles, part of the One Direction boy band must be very happy with this picture running around the internet.