Facebook Future: Mark Zuckerberg In front of the Senate

Many people were happy seeing Mark Zuckerberg appear in front of the Senate. “Finally Facebook will answer to authority!” or “His time has come” were most of the online comments.

Well, Mark has said he’s sorry, again. Fortunately, for him, most Facebook users don’t really care about the whole media noise created by… well, the media, and that’s for two reasons;

The first being the fact that when I post something on Facebook – it’s public. As you know it IS called – SOCIAL media and not private media. Second, I do not want to see advertising for adult diapers or women’s “stuff”, so I’m glad that Facebook knows who I am and what I want, so the ads I see will be aimed at me.

Zuckerberg was in front of the Senators for 5 hours, and there were some important issues we could all take from his answers;

Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook has no competitors. Which is a first step in toning down his activity a notch, maybe opening up to new competitors?

Mark could consider a paid ad-free version of Facebook in the future.

Mark is working hard on developing the Facebook AI technology to filter out hate speech, racist and other problematic content.

Zuckerberg gave a loud NO, when asked if Facebook obtains data via the phone’s microphone.

So next time you get an advertisement which is far away from you as pizza is from a diet, you’ll have Mark to thank.