The Famous Parents of Famous Celebrities

Famous Father: John L. Nelson

Known For: His Band Prince Rogers

Not many know, but Prince was named after his father’s stage name ‘Prince Rogers’. John L. Nelson was a pianist and songwriter who performed with his jazz band called the “Prince Rogers Trio”. He is also credited as a songwriter on few of Prince’s songs.


Famous Son: Prince

Known For: Hit songs like Purple Rain and I Wanna Be Your Lover

All we can really say is “Thank you, Mr. Nelson, for giving us one of the most talented men of all time!”.
John L. Nelson was a strict parent; we know that because Prince told a story about how he got kicked outside of the house when he was 12 for having a girl in his bed. Later, Prince’s parents divorced because his dad used to get violent, that caused a lot of stress for young Prince.
The father and son relationship oscillated between affection and estrangement until Nelson died in 2001.

Famous Mother: Andie MacDowell

Known for: Groundhog Day, Hudson Hawk and more

Andie is famous for being an actor, but also as a model. She met her husband, Male model Paul Qualley, at a photoshoot for GAP. They were married for 13 years and had three beautiful kids, Margaret Qualley, Rainey Qualley, Justin Qualley.

Mom is Andie is an amazing actress, she’s known for romantic films as well as funny ones, and it seems that she hasn’t aged a day. Her great genes kept going.

Famous Daughter: Rainey Qualley

Known For: Singer and Actor

Rainey Qualley was born on March 11, 1990 in Asheville, North Carolina. She started out as a singer, but quickly joined her mother on screen. As a singer, she is known for hit songs like Me and Johnny Cash, Never Mine, Turn me on Like the Radio and her latest single Sweet Spot.
As an actor, we’ve seen her on a famous episode of Mad Men, and on Falcon Song, and on Puberty.


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