Famous Icons In Their Most Groovy Moments

When you hear the word groovy, you immediately think back to the time when everything was grand and luxurious and wow. A time when you could walk down Holywood Boulevard and meet your most amazing star doing things us normal folk could find ourselves doing.

These days, it seems we are left with memories of grandness, but looking at these pictures you would understand how these icons of culture became who they are.

Marilyn Pumping Iron

You probably know Marilyn Monroe from her permanent place as America’s favorite blonde bombshell, but did you know that she hit the weights to keep trim? This rare photo shows how she toned up.

Robert DeNiro Sr. & Jr.

When you think of the iconic actor Robert DeNiro, you probably think of the tough-talking New Yorker he’s embodied in so many different roles in classic films like Taxi Driving and Raging Bull.

But like everyone else on the planet, Robert was once a baby. This picture shows him with his father, world-renowned painter Robert DeNiro Sr., with whom he shared a very close father-son relationship. Robert Junior even dedicated one of his awards to his dad!

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