Fashion Design Does Matter

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Fashion design is a type of art dedicating to the creations of making clothes and many different modern life accessories.  To be a fashion designer you should have an artistic, creative personality, being able to express yourself and your ideas visually, on the paper for example. Not meaning that you have to be an artist, but to have taste in these things, such as color-combining, tones or shades, and to have a wide visual imagination, as many of them like arts, are visiting galleries, working and interacting with many different artists, as for the work, the same as for their own pleasure. Modern fashion design is split into two forms or categories: Ready to wear, and haute couture.


The haute couture culture is directed towards some specific customers and these clothes are fitting these exact customers perfectly, and Ready to Wear collections are standards, made for everyone, so they will be wider cast in sales, in bigger amounts, but for the less price. It is hard to understand the audience’s needs and to meet the customer’s requirements. These designers should have smooth communication skills, and the ability to express themselves clearly. Bringing designing clothes to marketing is more complex process than you thought, and it’s not only designer’s mission to work for the process flowing from start to the end.


Fashion designers usually start applying their ideas as they reach consumer’s tastes for fashion brands in the fashion market, later on, they can grow some initiative for making new clothes according to this data. Designers rarely work alone, since the process of creating a concept, literally making a pattern for the clothing article, putting it together and making it a living project is too much for one person to handle. Most people think that they have an easy job and that their education is all about knowing designing techniques and learning of people’s tastes, but to be a decent fashion designer you should also have a knowledge of things like math, art history, science and probably, if you are an independent designer, of some business management.

This profession is also known for being “glamorous”, it is competitive as well, a difficult industry to fit into. When citizens and even celebrities are wearing clothes that you made is probably very exciting, and it probably means that you’re a good one. It requires perseverance and patience, but in general, the reward makes it worth, if you preserve.


Fashion designers should be aware of standards and market requirements. They must be always learning new things, including fashion itself, read magazines, learn about fashion history, etc...

Fashion is actually, a very important notion in our lives. The clothes you wear, the way you look like is very important these days, it tells much about your personality, people get judged, people getting rejected for job opportunities, or getting some, all for the way you look. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money to afford some things you might, but you should have a sense of taste, and feel what goes with you, should never be static, because there is no such thing as the one fitting everyone.