FedEx Text Scam Going Around: What to Look Out For

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Text scams are becoming more and more prevalent today. It’s become a major issue for many people, and falling for them can seem increasingly easy. 


With the number of online orders we make, it’s easy to feel like that recent FedEx text you got might just be real. Have you actually won a prize from one of those events you entered? It sounds likely, right?

But in reality, it’s nothing more than a sordid hoax. If you would like to make sure you don’t fall foul of this brutal FedEx text scam, then you need to know what to look out for. 

We recommend that if you want to avoid getting into any issues with FedEx text scams that you keep an eye out for the below details.

These fake text messages are arriving with a “tracking code” and “delivery preferences” options, so they are obviously very well cloaked. They even come with an address attached to it, which can make it even look even more unique and realistic. 

If you want to avoid falling for this, though, you have to be ready to pay close attention.

No Such Thing As Free Gifts

What will happen when you click that fake link is that it will take you to a very convincing fake of the Amazon site. You then fill in a satisfaction survey. 


That should set alarm bells ringing. The really concerning part, though, is when you need to enter credit card details….to get a free gift?

Yeah. We were confused as well. When you do this, you will simply have your details stolen and most likely have your credit card attacked. If you don’t want to have that happen to you, simply ignore these messages when they come in. 

As FedEx has made clear in statements in the past, they DON’T ask for money or personal details in this manner. It’s simply not how it happens!

FedEx says that "Any suspicious text messages or emails should be deleted without being opened, and reported to"

When you are asked to pay for your ‘free’ item, it’s merely to cover the shipping costs. However, if you read the fine print of this you will notice that you are paying a ‘shipping fee’ and then a 14-day free trial of their joke product. 

This will then bill you around $98.95 every single month, and you’ll be sent a new supply of whatever it is that you have been ‘rewarded’. Lucky you!

The only thing that you can do then is to look for things like the website URL. It cannot be identical to the official website, so it will have some kind of spelling error in the URL or something like that. 

Our advice? Don’t follow the texts. If you have a FedEx payment to make, we would recommend contacting them directly if you get one of these e-mails. They can then check out the validity of the request and see if you have anything to pay.