World Cup 2018 – The Supporting Wags

While everybody is expecting to see their favorite players get on the field, there are some who look away from the field and search the stands and sidelines. They are searching for the supporting WAGs of these famous players.

Some wives and girlfriends stay away in order to let their partner be all in the game. Others come and show support while showing some skin and distracting the rival’s team players. So here are world class wives and girlfriends of world-class football players that we know will be there, and some that we wish would be.

Antonella Roccuzzo

How do you know if you have true love? Test it against this couple. Lio and Antonella grew up together since they were 5 years old! They have been together for ages, and of course a long time before Messi even knew where Barcelona is. Unlike many other people, when Messi reached stardom, he did not leave his girlfriend. He actually married his childhood love.

Lucky man: Lionel Messi – Argentina

They tied the knot in 2008. They have three boys which would probably go after dad’s profession. Although Antonella is a model she keeps her life very private. Messi once said that she loves dogs, Harry Potter and Disney movies.

Pilar Rubio

Gorgeous Pilar is currently a Spanish reporter. She began her prosperous career as a model, as you can see, and then continued to television reporting.

Lucky Man: Sergio Ramos – Spain

She and her husband Sergio Ramos (which became a hated person in Egypt and Liverpool after what he did to Mohamad Salah), have been together since 2012. They have been expanding their family slowly. They have 3 kids who could be found supporting their father on the sidelines.

Polly Parsons

Beauty Polly is a British model but she is also famous as a British TV host. She has already been seen on ‘Crystal in Disastrous’, ‘Meet the Parents’ and ‘Don’t Get Screwed’. And she has done some hosting on ‘The Real Hustle’ TV show.

Lucky man: Thomas Vermaelen – Belgium

A few years ago Polly was chosen as queen Wag by FHM. We think she still deserves the title. She is currently dating Belgien Thomas Vermaelen who plays for Barca and we will also see him playing for his home country in the World Cup in Russia.

Georgina Rodriguez

While Messi’s wife is from Argentina just like he is, Cristiano Ronaldo does not care for origins. Spanish model Georgina is Ronaldo’s current partner and could be his final one, or better phrased – his permanent one. Georgina was not a model until she met the Portuguese womanizer. They have a girl together, but Ronaldo has three previous kids.

Lucky man: Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal

Ronaldo was known to be a party guy. Visiting the party island of Ibiza almost on a regular basis, swapping partners like socks (as they say). His first serious relationship while being a mega superstar footballer, was with Top Model Irina Shayk. They broke up in 2015.

Sara Carbonero

If you know the story of Medusa, you would know that these eyes are something you should not look into. The difference is that instead of turning into stone, you might just freeze up. It’s bad if you are part of the rival team playing against her partner Iker Casillas from Spain. In 2010 many fans seriously blamed her beauty for distracting Iker Casillas which caused him to play badly.

Lucky man: Iker Casillas – Spain

She might seem like a model, but she is actually a sports reporter. When Iker was signed by a team in Portugal, she chose to go with him and leave her successful position at the TV station.

Bruna Marquezine

These two Brazilian nuts have an on-off relationship going on since 2012. Bruna might take away the spotlight from Neymar as she is a very popular model and award-winning actress back home in Brazil.

Lucky Man: Neymar Jr. – Brazil

The two are the Brazilian Brangelina when they decide to be together. We hope to see heron the sidelines in Russian now that they are back together again.

Annie Kilner

Kyle and Annie met back home at Sheffield nearly 9 years ago, and have been together since. She has moved around England with him when he got transferred to other teams, such as Tottenham and Manchester. We might get a chance to see her in Russia, supporting her love.

Lucky man: Kyle Walker – England

Kyle is annoying his wife. He said so himself. It’s all because of his obsession to cleanliness. He needs things around him to be clean. He said: “I don’t like mess. My missus will probably tell you that I drive her insane with all my cleanliness.”

Lorelei Taron

This Argentinian singer met her future husband in church when she was only 16. Was it a sign from God? They tied the knot three years later. While Falcao became a superstar in football, Lorelei became a famous singer.

Lucky Man: Radamel Falcao – Colombia

Falcao is the captain of his Ligue 1 club AS Monaco. He plays there as a striker. On the national front, he is also the captain of the Colombian squad. His wife is so successful that Lorelei is considered one of the wealthiest WAG’s in Europe.

Jessica Sterling

Jessica and David met through a mutual friend and got married back in 2012. Jessica admits that her relationship gets tough on weekends when husband David leaves to play and she is left with their two children alone.

Lucky man: David Ospina – Colombia

Ospina plays as the goalkeeper for British team Arsenal. He was the first choice for the Colombian coach when building the national team fro Russia 2018.

Edurne Garcia

Spanish Model and famous Singer Edurne Garcia. She is on her way to stardom, and judging by her Instagram account, she tries to share more moments of her life which are not connected to her career or to her partner, to gain some more recognition.

Lucky man: David De Gea – Spain

David De Gea plays on the British Manchester United, but in Russia 2018, he will try and stop balls from entering the Spanish net. His longtime love, Edurne, will be supporting him.

Noémie Happart

Belgien model Noemie Happart is much more famous in Belgium. She is former Miss Belgium and glamour model. She married Yannick Carrasco in 2017, and they moved to China after Carrasco’s transfer to a local team.

Lucky man: Yannick Carrasco – Belgium

Yannick is signed with the Chinese team Dalian Yifang. He became famous when he kissed Noemie right after he scored an equalizing goal for his team Atletico Madrid, against Real Madrid.

Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasia Kostenko is a famous model in Russia. She works in Russia and Eastern Europe. She always had a crush on Tarasov, but is it rumored that he left his wife because he got Anastasia pregnant. Or we should say that the pregnancy rushed him into terminating his existing relationship, which was terminaly ill in any case.

Lucky man: Dmitri Tarasov – Russia

Dmitri Tarasov is a Russian professional footballer playing as a midfielder for FC Lokomotiv Moscow, and is very popular among fans and women alike.

Yoo So-young

Yoo So-Young is a famous Korean entertainer with a rich background. She was part of a successful K-pop band. She and her partner have a 6-year gap, but it doesn’t seem to interfere. But his parents might. Footballer Son Heung-Min is kind of a mama’s boy, and when they say ‘concentrate on football and nothing else,’ he might oblige.

Lucky man: Son Heung-Min  – S.Korea

Son loves his parents very much and thanks them for pushing him to where he is today. He rarely publishes anything on social media, and if he does, it’s related to his career. Son plays for British team Tottenham Hotspurs.

Anna Lewandowska 

Anne is much more than just a WAG. Anna Lewandowska is a professional karate competitor and she represented her country in several international competitions. She has also built a company all by herself called Foods by Ann in which she sells health food, fitness seminars, and training.

Lucky man: Robert Lewandowski – Poland

Polish superstar Robert Lewandowski plays for German team Bayern Munich. All eyes are on him to lead his national team to victory. We’re not sure he will be enough.

Ruby Mae 

Ruby is a very high profiled model which is why the press was surprised that her relationship was kept secret. They found out when she was seen comforting Dele after England lost to Iceland in the Euro 2016 games. Her Instagram account is always full of support for her love.

Lucky man: Dele Alli – England

Dele Alli is a very promising star in English football. He plays for Tottenham Hotspur and the 2018 Russia World Cup will be his first. We will be seeing his beautiful girlfriend on the sidelines and on Instagram.

Lena Stiffel

These two cute people prove that a crush is not only for teens. Lena Stiffel and German footballer Julian Draxler knew each other from school and they started dating back then.

Lucky Man: Julian Draxler – Germany

Babyface Drexler has a lot of potential in his gameplay. Lena is not your typical all-out WAG. She keeps to herself very much and doesn’t brag.

Coleen McLoughlin Rooney

Coleen McLoughlin is the Wayne Rooney’s high school sweetheart. They got married back in 2008 after a 6-year relationship which began at school.

Lucky Man: Wayne Rooney – England

Coleen is a fashion designer and TV presenter who has made a name for herself other than being Wayne Rooney’s wife. The couple has four sons. Rooney will not be on the field, but we hope to see them both in the World Cup.

Federica Nargi

This gorgeous Italian model is also a known TV presenter and actress in Italy. We could also add WAG to her lengthy list of achievements, but it doesn’t really matter.

Lucky Man: Alessandro Matri – Italy

She is married to big star Italian striker, Alessandro Matri. They have an adorable daughter. Matri will also not be on the Italian national team for Russia 2018, but he and his amazing wife will be on the sidelines.

Sam Smalling Cooke

Sam is a British glamour model and, as you can judge for yourself, smoking hot. She has been on the covers of some major magazines, such as FHM, FRONT, Maxim, and Nuts. She could be a distracting obstacle for players.

Lucky Man: Chris Smalling – England

But she is mostly distracting her Manchester United center back partner Chris Smalling. He gets to call Sam Cooke his wife. The two got married on July 21, 2017.

Ann-Kathrin Brommel

German model Ann-Katherin Brommel is famous for working with brands, such as GQ and FHM. But don’t judge her just as a model,  She is an avid anti-fur activist as well as a supporter of the Foundation for AIDS research.

Lucky Man: Mario Götze

Ann-Katherin was snatched by German footballer Mario Götze. Mario had to go through extensive treatments for a medical condition he had, but his beautiful partner stood by him, and we are sorry that he won’t be on the German national team, but hope the two would be visiting the sidelimes.

Perrie Edwards

Pop singer Perrie Edwards is a confident woman who is part of the Little Mix bandmates. But before the started going out with her footballer boyfriend, she was a very shy school girl. Meeting Alex changed her life completely.

Lucky Man: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – England

She didn’t have the guts to even go on the X Factor. Her mother needed to bribe her to get on the show. But since then her career has soared. She is often seen hanging out with her Liverpool football star boyfriend, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Abbey Clancy

The amazing woman is an English lingerie and catwalk top model. She is also a famous TV personality and a very supportive WAG. We feel sad that she won’t be on the sidelines in Russia, but we do hope to see her more.

Lucky Man: Peter Crouch – England

Clancy has always had a connection to football as her own brother is a football player. Clancy met Crouch in 2006 and the two have been together since. They married in 2001 and have 3 kids together.

Tatyana Belenov

Amazing Russian model Tatyana said once that she has two careers: modeling and supporting her husband. She tries, and succeeds most of the time, to be in every match her husband plays in, no matter where. Unfortunately, Aleksandr will not be playing for his national team this time around.

Lucky Guy:  Aleksandr Belenov – Russia

The two beautiful creatures married in 2017, so they are still all mushy about it. They spend a lot of time together and show it on social media. Aleksandr is a strong goalkeeper.

Majda Magui 

Beautiful Morrocan-born Majda married French footballer Mamadou Sakho back in 2015. They have two adorable kids. Majda loves to tell about her big wedding in Senegl which was traditional and colorful and mych more happy than her formal wedding in France.

Lucky man: Mamadou Sakho – France

Mamadou Sakho plays as a center back for British club Crystal Palace. He is known for his tackling smartness and his passing accuracy.

Lena Gercke

These two have, unfortunately, separated. But look at them… wouldn’t you want them back together again?! Lena Johanna Gercke is a German model and TV host. She became famous when she won Germany’s Next Topmodel reality show. Later on, she hosted several seasons of Austria’s Next Topmodel show.

Lucky Guy (former): Sami Khedira – Germany

Sami plays as a central midfielder for Italian team Juventus. Since his break up with Lena, Sami was seen with several other models, including Brazilian top model Adriana Lima.

Alexandra Ivarsdottir 

It was only 10 years ago when Alexandra had won the Miss Iceland crown. We believe that it was only one or two years ago – she is gorgeous! Alexandra and Gylfi grew up together in Reykjavik and became much more than just friends. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Iceland has the smallest population in Europe?

Lucky man: Gylfi Sigurdsson – Iceland

Gylfi Sigurdsson plays in British team Everton but he reached the headlines of world sports news in Euro 2016 as his team beat England and showed some great moves. We hope we see some more of those moves this year.

Tugba Şahin 

These two married back in 2007, and have been together since. Tugba was only 18 years old when they married. He was 19 years old and at the beginning of his football career. In 2011, they became parents to their son Omer.

lucky man: Nuri Sahin – Turkey

Nuri plays for German team Borussia Dortmund and is known for his smart and accurate passing ability.

Andrea Duro 

Mexican football star Javier Hernandez has been dating Spanish actress Andrea Duro. They have been dating for several years. Maybe their time in Russia will move them another step ahead in their relationship? Javier plays for English team West Ham but he’s been talking about moving to a Spanish team so he could be close to Andrea.

Lucky man: Javier Hernandez – Mexico


Hernández has a nickname – Chicharito, it’s so known that he has it printed on his jersey. Andrea does not want to move to England and lose her career, and lately that could be the reason for the rumors about their break up, which everybody hopes are untrue.


You all know her. Shakira does not need any football player to be famous. Shakira is still more well known around the world than her partner. She is half Colombian and half Lebanese which is a unique combination, just as her voice is unique. In preparations for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Shakira was chosen to do the official song, which was Waka Waka (This time for Africa).

Lucky Man: Gerard Pique – Spain

These two met while filming the Waka Waka music video. Isn’t that cute? She was at the end of her previous relationship, so Gerard Pique could have been the reason to finalize the ending.  They live in Barcelona where he plays, and they have two kids.

Amal Belhanda 

Younus married Amal Belhanda a few years back, but we rarely see her in public. She is a very private person. Like Messi, these two also grew up together and fell in love. They have two kids: Muhammed and Amal. They were both born during Belhanda’s career at Dynamo Kiev.

Lucky man: Younus Belhanda – Morroco

Younus Belhanda is a French-born footballer currently playing for Turkish team Galatasaray, and who will be playing for Morroco at the World Cup. Will beautiful Amal be joining him?

Lisa Müller 

Lisa and Thomas got married in 2009. She is far away from football as anyone could be. She is a professional Dressage, which is a skilled form of performance riding in exhibitions and competitions. They met on social media, talked a lot and finally got married in less than two years after starting to date.

Lucky man: Thomas Muller – Germany

Thomas Muller plays for German team Bayern Munich, and in Russia, he will try to defend Germany’s title of World Cup holders. They won the cup in the last World Cup in 2014. Lisa said in an interview that we can expect to see her on the sidelines for Germany.

Ekaterina Gerun

Igor is Russian, while Ekaterina is actually Ukranian. They sorted out the Crimea peninsula crisis between them. She wants to be a professional actor and has been doing some small parts on the screen. In the meantime, she works as a model. The two got married in secret. The world found out about his marriage only when Igor announced their new son.

Lucky man: Igor Akinfeev – Russia

Igor is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the World Cup. He plays as a goalkeeper for CSKA Moscow and has already won several awards as a goalkeeper.