Finally In: No Amount Of Alcohol Is Good For You

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Alcohol really isn’t good for you and science has confirmed it! I am sure you won’t like this when you’re done reading it if you’re a drinker but what must be said must be said!

Almost everyone enjoys a drink now and again. It’s now a norm for people to gather together and drink while passing the time. Different cultures and people even have the drinks they prefer. At some point, alcohol was more accessible than clean water!

Over time, many studies have been conducted. A good number came up with the advantages of alcohol and encouraged people to continue drinking even while pregnant! As much as these studies tell us it’s good for us, we know deep within us that it really isn’t, but we carry on.

No Safe Amount

The whole bit of alcohol is good for you was a hoax, a well-packaged lie that will be broken down in this article. There is no safe amount of alcohol one can drink. It’s all unhealthy, and many scientists have come to prove this.

Researchers gathered together to look at the total positive and negative effects of alcohol. They wanted to use this data to come to a conclusion on alcohol, and they took data from over 190 countries and over twenty five years.

The data comprised of studies showing how often people drank and also the health risks involved in drinking. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded the research.

They wanted to know if there were any positives in drinking moderately. I’m certain no one expects to drink heavily and still find benefits. The shocking thing was that although there have been reports stating that drinking in moderation could have positive effects this study said otherwise.

The study showed that drinking in moderation could potentially provide benefits against diseases like diabetes. Good yes? No! The study said more. Drinking in moderation could potentially cause tuberculosis! And that’s not all. Drinking could lead to road accidents and self-harm as well!


Fun fact: the study showed that Denmark has the most drinkers in the world!

In general, the adverse effects of alcohol grow over time and only get worse. In essence, there’s no light at the end of that tunnel. The study shows that the rate at which people are consuming these drinks contradicts with most health guidelines.

The use and consumption of alcohol cause bad health among a lot of people and what’s more, it shortens the lifespan of a good number of people as well (men especially).

The study also warned that if policy actions are not taken, the future generations stand a chance of feeble health. The mentality that alcohol is right for you has to be dropped as we are all seeing that alcohol has more negative effects than positive ones.

As alcohol now contributes more and more to death and disability, the study shows that the best amount of alcohol to be consumed by anyone is none at all. Of course, that would hurt many among us who enjoy their drinks, but results don’t lie!