Finnish Singing Taxi Service Makes Waves

Do you ever get into a taxi, feeling glad for the ride home, only to find out you have no money left?

Well, this can be awkward. You can either pay up the driver with a credit card in some cases, you can get money from your home or you could go to a bank machine. If none of these options are available, you can always get taken to the police station, right?

Well, thankfully, for the people of Finland, a new option exists: Sing!

Fortum | Press Release

With a new taxi shuttle service in Finland, you can pay off your cab ride by belting out a banger for the driver. Fortum Singalong Shuttle is a major and comical new summer service that is going to be up and running for most of the summer. it’s mostly aimed at getting people to the popular Ruisrock Festival, which is being held at present. This amazing service combines together the concept of pooling to get to the festival simply by paying for the ride with their voice.

These emission-free electric cars will be going around without causing any environmental harm. With a tablet installed into each car, you can choose the song that you wish to sing and then go for it. However, if you stop singing, then the ride will grind to a halt and you need to start singing again to keep it going!

Fortum | Press Release

This unique design by Fortum is supposed to help get customers more engaged with the ride and to help them see that a cleaner world is both possible and affordable. According to brand manager Jussi Malkia, this is a major step forward for transport, saying: ‘‘With Singalong Shuttle we want to show people in a joyful way how comfortable and easy it is to drive an electric car. The silent electric cars make it possible to enjoy singing without background noise and emissions’’

As one of the biggest names in the region, Fortum has quickly become a worldwide name thanks to this hilarious new trick that they have come up with. The aim is to try and get people to and from the festival without much issue. While those like myself who despise James Corden’ Carpool Karaoke might not like the reason for this existing, we can applaud the hearty message behind the campaign for sure!

Check this official video from their press release:

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