The Five Worst Anthem Performances (Did someone say Fergie?)

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Every nation has a song that everyone knows (or at least - should know). It's the song that is supposed to reflect the culture, history, and identity of a nation - The anthem.

It's often sung at large events, and you should know that it's National Anthem day today! (3rd March). On this day one can learn the history and importance of their national anthem and also sing it. Sometimes the anthem can come out not as intended. Here are five worst performances of the American anthem at special events.

Ameican Anthem at an Ice Hockey Match 2004

The American national anthem was sung by Caroline Marcil on a hockey match between USA and Canada in 2004. She started with what she thought was a perfect tune, but after a few seconds, she released this wasn’t going so well so she stopped and apologized. It was a lyrical mishap and a vocal disaster combined.

But sadly enough she didn't get her own hint, and started over. So she stopped again. But instantly comes back again and bam! She falls. This couldn’t get worse.

Fergie at NBA All-Star Game 2018

The anthem was performed by the very well-known singer-songwriter, Grammy Award winner Fergie at the NBA All Star game in 2018. Fergie started singing the anthem in her melodious opera voice. All of a sudden she started stretching the words and raised her tone.

Meanwhile, the NBA players were losing their patience as her voice became unbearable. The sigh of relief was seen all over the place when the song was finished.

Carl Lewis National Anthem, 1993

Carl Lewis is an Olympic athlete who performed the National Anthem at a net ball game in 1993. However, there is a reason he stuck to sports and not singing. After failing once, he said: “I’ll make up for that” but fails again. The crowed is seen laughing at his voice as he makes a fool out of himself.

Anthem at Jack Murphy Stadium, 1990

Roseanne Barr sang America’s national anthem at a baseball game on 26th July 1990. She started screaming the anthem and eventually started laughing at her own voice during the song. The crowd cheered, made fun, laughed and at last was thankful it ended. She knew how it sounded and left the stadium like a boss.

Michael Bolton Sings The Anthem, 2006

Michael Bolton started singing the anthem at a prestigious ceremony on January 2006. He starts off confidently, everything was going smoothly but suddenly he stopped. The crows goes “boo”. He looks at lyrics written on his hand and goes on. The tune he was singing to was something he made up. How can one possibly forget the National Anthem?

Happy National Anthem Day!

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