Food Trucks Should be Unique! Take a Look at These Trucks!

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We all know if you have an online store, in order to compete you need to have a site that stands out from the crowd and people take notice.  Well, the same is true for food trucks.  Trucks that stand out and catch the public's eye are going to get customers while serving up some yummy stuff.

Atilla The HUNgry serves fusion foods like their signature Thai PM & J made with Thai peanut butter and strawberry Sriracha jam! Sounds pretty yummy! A Flickr member photographed and probably enjoyed a lot of food from this red food truck in Edmonton, Canada during the summer of 2014.

This canned pork loaf from a mobile platform and priced really well was grabbed up quickly.  Even if it's Spam Musubi, it's still sushi so pull up a spot, pull out your wallet and chow down! A Flickr member saw this Aloha Plate food truck at Coachella 2014 which is the perfect place to serve sushi made with spam!

How about a syndicate known as the Oryza Kings where they can get sticky rice served directly to the public.  With its quilted foil and that enormous extract thing on the roof, the truck speaks volumes that something very special is being prepared inside.

Food Truckin'

Well, this truck speaks volumes even if it's not owned by the Grateful Dead! This fun group knows how to push all the right buttons from the LSD Lights and paint job to the decorated grinning skull right out of Halloween, you just gotta love it!

You also gotta love the menu board offering breakfast tacos and iced coffee are classic if you want munchies food! A Flickr member took the shot in May of 2010.

Praise Be Cheeses

This huge Big Cheese food truck just about says it all.  This is a convention-style event for the Funko community and even Funko fans need to feed their faces once in a while.  Nothing can possibly satisfy more than cheese in all its delicious, mouthwatering modifications and arrangements.

Those who are not quite into cheese for their next snack, you can enjoy the truck's Nutella with Roasted Banana sandwiches!  A Flickr member ran down this wonderful food truck in April of 2011.

Do you have an idea for a food truck? Are you getting ready to hit all the local events in your area? If yes, make sure your truck stands out from the crowd, have foods that will draw people from miles around and above and beyond all else, have fun!