From the Red Carpet to the Black & White! Celebs With Rap Sheets

We see our favorite (and least favorite) celebrities in movies, on TV, and in magazines, but sometimes, we also see them in a different way. Celebrities, like the rest of us, sometimes make bad decisions and end up arrested in the back of a police car.

If you think the life of a celebrity is all glamour and fame, think again, because these mugshots are far from the red carpet. Get ready to find out what landed these famous faces behind bars. The crime may not be what you thought! You won’t believe who ended up on the list…

Justin Bieber

Rap sheet:
  • 2013: Smoking Marijuana, Assaulting his limo driver in Canada, Graffiti in Brazil
  • 2014: Assaulting a paparazzi in Argentina, Egging his neighbor’s house,  driving under the influence, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license, and underage drinking in Miami.

Dealing with success isn’t easy, especially if it comes so big and so sudden like it did with Justin Bieber. He started out as a teen heartthrob, but Justin Bieber quickly morphed into a troublemaker. Despite having minor run-ins with the law in 2013, his first arrest was in Miami in 2014, when he was caught drag racing with non-other than a Lamborghini. His year quickly spiraled out of control and he ran a rap sheet that wouldn’t shame an upstarting hoodlum. His antics cost him his relationship with Selina Gomez and numerous fans. In fact, it looked as if Bieber was heading down Lindsay Lohan lane.

Bieber recently did an interview and apology tour where he described himself as a “changed man.” Currently, his tour is considered a massive success and it looks like he has really reformed his way. Let’s hope he Keeps it up!

Bill Cosby

Rap sheet:
  • 2018: Aggravated indecent assault

Once the “TV father” of America and the world, Bill Cosby was the one to look up to when having family problems. Or at least that was what we wanted to believe. The perfect family on The Cosby Show was too perfect or even sci-fi in the eyes of 2018 viewers, but back then, it was funny, smart and full of bits of advice to help us all.

No one could have thought that behind that smiling face hid a sexual predator. We first heard about it around 2000 when complaints started to surface against the actor but they were all hushed down. Then in 2014 they got stronger until the #METOO campaign really brought them out to light. He is now sentenced to 3-10 years in prison.

Read on to see who else had some interaction with the police