Funny & cool vandalism?

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We all know that vandalism is dangerous, mostly illegal and wrong. But sometimes we come across some very funny and cool looking acts of vandalism on the street. When it's done smartly and well placed, it often makes us laugh and even approve it.  Actually there are people who would say – "Wow, you definitely made my day." and they are happy to share these art, or vandalism, (call it what you want) with other people, so let's see some of the most interesting vandalism photos that we picked for you...

One of the most common vandalism acts can be seen on traffic signs. People change the whole meaning of the sign by adding some extra words to it or removing some letters from the sentence. Sometimes, if possible, the images and photos of celebrities are added to traffic signs, changing the context totally.

These "artists" also help us see the image of the signs differently. If those objects on the sign look like something else, they'll make sure that we also see it. The result can be totally hilarious, it just makes you feel better!

Most of you know good what British youngsters think of the whole CCTV story, that it's invasion of their privacy, ruining someone's business and not actually tackling crime! Some of them even managed to make a graffiti jokes and sticker some signs for high security cameras placed on buildings across the England and other U.K. countries.

Most of this bizarre art can be also seen in public toilets and elevators, on train stations, bus stations, or other public areas. It's usually written on the wall, added to some already existed sign, or a printed image that changes the context of some sign or object totally. Vending machines, billboards and toilets, are also the victims of this freedom of expression. Al Pacino selling coke in vending machine did make us laugh loudly...

Probably the most interesting kind of vandalism is adding the 3d objects to traffic signs making them the center of attention even if they're mostly placed by highways and other roads. There are also examples of these in various construction sites in urban areas. People see something in pieces of concrete and wire, so it quickly becomes the whole image and sometimes the real piece of art.

According to Wikipedia:" Vandalism is action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private propert. The term includes criminal damage such as graffiti and defacement directed towards any property without permission of the owner. The term finds its roots in an Enlightenment view that the Germanic Vandals were a uniquely destructive people"

But is it really that way?

Imagine yourself returning home from work tired, nervous and you accidentally notice some of these works of art, you immediately get in the mood, maybe get inspired to do something like this, to share some of your funny thoughts with other people, to make someone laugh...

The question is – "Why do we approve vandalism which is funny?"