The Future Of Flight Experience

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As one of the biggest names in aviation, Airbus is among the most popular transport groups in the European aviation circuit. Indeed, they’ve become even more popular thanks to their incredible decision to build mini-cabins for passengers who wish to get some good night's sleep during the flight.

This was done by making some extra space in the cargo hold, using spare space in there to provide ample sleeping solutions.

So far, feedback has been more than positive, meaning that it’s likely that Airbus will continue on with the development. With double-decked bedding and seating areas, this offers a very exciting and engaging experience for anyone taking a long flight via Airbus.

Of course, without any windows, it’s not going to be suitable for those who feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable in such environments. While the aim is to try and simulate windows with high-definition screens, that’s still some way away.

This is otherwise known as Transpose and is going to help make a cost-effective way to allow passengers to rest whilst flying. The aim is to make sure that the cargo hold can be used for more than just storage, creating everything from space for sleeping to in-flight cafeteria meals and kids’ rooms.

It’s built on the classic freight train concept that often comes with all manner of café and sleeping options to be enjoyed. The aim is to help make sure that the entire cabin can be transformed in a few hours, making it easy for those wish to do something other than watch in-flight movies can do so!

For some time now, Airbus has been seen as one of the most impressive names in the aviation industry. Formed in 1967, they’ve always been about innovation. With both civil and military purposes part of the Airbus line, they’ve often found good ways to make the most of what they have got to work with.

Ever since the release of the Airbus A320, they’ve been quickly growing into a truly monumental part of the aviation experience. This is just another example of how far they have came, and how much they could still introduce to an industry that shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

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